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  • Irena Kolbuszewska

Learning Languages through Lyrics

Learning Languages through Lyrics Hi guys, today, I’d like to tell you a bit about the site

Back in 2000, I bought an album of a very popular Portuguese band Madredeus. I listened to their music and I fell in love with the language to the point where I decided to become more familiar with it.

Madredeus’ songs and their soft, subtle lyrics definitely did the trick. I really believe that this kind of aesthetic and emotional experience can open your mind to a new language, at least that’s exactly what happened to me. Learning languages is to a large extent about emotions and if you find the right kind of piece of music or art or something else you are drawn to, it will help you start or continue your linguistic journey. is a site that contains videos and lyrics created by artists who speak and sing in some European languages, as well as, Turkish and Japanese. To navigate this website is not always very intuitive, however, once you learn how to do it, you have access to so many great songs and lyrics. You can also try fill-in-the-gap exercises – listen to a particular singer or band and fill in the missing words of the song in question. I definitely recommend it, give it a try!

If you still feel stuck and you would like to change the script of your language learning story into a positive one, please contact me at or DM me.

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