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  • Irena Kolbuszewska

Happy 2022!!

Happy 2022! This one will be a bit different. What's your definition of a successful year? For me, one of key elements is to remember not to worry too much, not to put too much pressure on myself, just do what I need to do or especially what I feel is important to do.

This heron symbolizes for me this kind of freedom; taking flight and not worrying too much about the final result. Just do your best, learn from your mistakes and keep going. This is what I would like to wish all of us, learners and teachers (who never stop being learners).

This is actually my own painting, you're welcome, if you want to, to follow my other Insta account: heart_earned_skills and have a look at my artistic page:

Happy 2022 ❤️🌻🌈

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