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  • Irena Kolbuszewska

And Yet Another Cool Tool to Search for Collocations

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Hello, how are you doing? I’m doing pretty well. Two weeks ago, I started teaching additional 4 students, two of them have 4 hours a week with me. Quite a bit of work! I’m excited, they are really nice people and it’s really a pleasure to teach them. I’m happy that my language school is able to offer its teachers so many classes. However, when it comes to long term plans, I’d like to become independent and have my own, private students.

Independence is an important topic when it comes to learning languages. I believe a teacher plays an important role, they can offer you guidance, but only you can learn. You need to be an independent learner. One way to become an independent learner is to know what tools to use and how to use them.

One of them sounds obvious: a dictionary. However, do you use it just to check the meaning of the word? Do you check the pronunciation as well? Did you know you can also check collocations? Macmillan has a list of thousands of them, I really recommend to take a look at its page: You can search for a word, in the alphabetical order and once you click on it, you will see a number of collocations you can use with this particular word. Last time, I wrote about the importance of using collocations, so if you want to find out more about it you just need to check my previous post. If you still feel stuck and you would like to change the script of your language learning story into a positive one, please contact me at or DM me.

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