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Have you been learning English or another language for a long time?

Have you lost hope that one day you will speak it fluently?

Are you convinced that your language-learning story
can be summed up with only one word:

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Let's rewrite it.

Let's make your language-learning story

A story of


Contact me at:

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Learning Languages through Lyrics

Learning Languages through Lyrics Hi guys, today, I’d like to tell you a bit about the site Back in 2000, I bought...

Unusual Vocabulary Challenge

Yesterday, I came up with an idea. This is a visual vocabulary challenge. Can you guess what a "camelopard" is? I'm going to show you...

Useful Tool for Learning Collocations

If you had a chance to read my most recent post about my Italian learning experience, you probably noticed that I emphasized two...

Writing - why not just speaking?

Writing – why not just speaking? This post is divided into the following parts: 1. Introduction – how people usually perceive the...

My English Learning Experience in Canada

Passionate Language Stories My English Learning Experience in Canada (and what you can take out of it) This post is divided into the...

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Thank you for your interest in
Passionate Language Stories.
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and other ways in which I can help you,
feel free to get in touch
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